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Door/Window sensors

NEO Coolcam Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor 700
The NEO Coolcam Door/Window Sensor 700 is a powerful device that offers protection for doors and windows. The ...
€ 35.80
NEO Coolcam Zigbee Door/Window Sensor USB Tuya/Smart Life
NEO Coolcam Door/Window Sensor USB is the newest sensor of NEO Coolcam. It can detect doors/windows status if its ...
€ 17.40
Shelly Door Window 2
Shelly Door Window 2 is WiFi operated Door Window 2 sensor. The Shelly door sensor detects and reports the opening ...
€ 23.50
Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7
Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 7 is a sensor that detects if your window is open, closed (ZWA008 inclined (tilt angle ...
€ 33.50
Sensative Strips Guard 700
Sensative Strips Guard 700 is the world's thinnest wireless sensor for doors and windows. Successor to Sensative ...
€ 49.90
Neo Coolcam Zigbee Сензор врата/прозорец
The Neo Coolcam door/window sensor NAS-DS07B is a Zigbee-enabled device (based on Tuya platform) that detects ...
€ 14.80
Aqara Сензор за врата/прозорец
Aqara Door & Window sensor is Zigbee sensor. Detects whether a window or door is open in real time. It can also ...
€ 14.50
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2
FIBARO Door/Window sensor 2 is battery-powered and compatible with a Z-Wave sensor. The sensor can be used to ...
€ 52.00
Fibaro - Smart implant
Are you looking for a Z-Wave device with almost endless possibilities? Look no further! FIBARO Smart Implant is the ...
€ 47.00
Сензор за вграждане във врата/прозорец Aeon Labs Z-Wave plus (GEN5)
When a door or window is opened, this detector sends a Z-Wave radio signal. It consists of two parts: a part with a ...
€ 122.00
NEO Coolcam - Сензор за врата или прозорец
The NEO Coolcam DS01Z door / window sensor is a Z-Wave® device that allows the reading of an open/closed ...
€ 25.50
Aeotec Сензор за врата/прозорец 7
Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 is a sensor that detects if your window is open, closed (ZWA008 tilted (tilt angle at ...
€ 33.50
Out of stock
Сензор за врата/прозорец Aeon Labs v G2
The Aeon Lab Aeotec Opening Detector (Second Generation) provides your Z-Wave with all the intelligence needed for ...
€ 97.00
Out of stock
Сензор за врата/прозорец v6 от Aeon Labs
Aeotec's v6 - Gen5 door / window sensor is a unique Z-Wave triangle-shaped sensor with an extremely slim design ...
€ 45.60
Out of stock
Sensative - Strips сензор за врати и прозорци
It is the world's thinnest wireless, magnetic sensor for doors and windows. It is so thin that it can be mounted ...
€ 59.85
Out of stock

Door/Window sensors

Smart door and window sensors
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