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Energy and flow meters

Current Transformer 120A
This split core current transformer allows to measure current up to 120A. Voltage measurement is performed by the ...
€ 15.30
ShellyEM - 2-канален WiFi измервател за енергия
Shelly EM is a dual-channel WiFi module that allows you to monitor the power measurement of 2 channels up to 120A ...
€ 54.00
Shelly3EM - Трифазен WiFi електромер
The 3-phase WiFi energy meter Shelly3EM is designed to be mounted next to the circuit breakers to monitor the ...
€ 118.00
Shelly 1PM Wi-Fi Smart реле с измерване на мощност
Shelly 1PM Wi-Fi Smart relay with power measurement is a device that controls an electrical circuit / device with a ...
€ 17.00
Aeotec nano switch
Aeotec Nano Switch with Power Metering is a single relay that can be integrated into all non-dimmable electrical ...
€ 41.50
Електромер с 1 измервателна щипка 60А - Aeon Labs HEM Gen5
The Aeotec meter allows you to measure energy consumption throughout the home. It reports on actual consumption (in ...
€ 81.80
Qubino - 32A Contactor for Smart Meter
On/Off control in combination with Qubino Smart Meter Energy DIN-Module. It can be used anywhere, including in ...
€ 25.00
Qubino - Smart meter монофазен електромер
Qubino Smart Meter ZMNHTD1 Plus is designed to be used for energy measurements in a single-phase electrical network ...
€ 94.50
Shelly Pro 3EM + 3x 120A Clamps - Power Measurement
Shelly Pro 3EM is a 3-phase energy meter that can be mounted in a DIN rail and operated through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ...

Energy and flow meters

Smart Energy and flow meters
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