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Flood, fire, CO, CO2

Shelly GAS AddOn Manipulator
Shelly GAS AddOn Manipulator is a motor operated valve actuator, an accessory to Shelly Gas sensor products (CNG ...
€ 23.00
Shelly Flood
Shelly Flood is WiFi operated flood sensor. Shelly Flood detects for any type of leakage and has a built-in ...
€ 24.20
Shelly Gas LPG
Shelly Gas LPG is WiFi operated gas sensor with sound and light alarm. Shelly GAS is a compact and highly sensitive ...
€ 53.60
Shelly Gas CNG
Shelly Gas CNG is wifi operated gas sensor with sound and light alarm. Shelly GAS is a compact and highly sensitive ...
€ 53.60
Neo Coolcam Zigbee Сензор за наводнение
Zigbee water/flood sensor by Neo Coolcam is a device designed to detect water leaks/flood in rooms like kitchen, ...
€ 16.60
Aqara TVOC Сензор за качеството на въздуха Zigbee
Aqara TVOC Air Quality Sensor is a Zigbee device that works with the Aqara Hub . The Aqara TVOC air quality sensor ...
€ 37.50
Eurotronic сензор за качество на въздуха Z-Wave Plus (VOC сензор)
The Eurotronic VOC Sensor ultra-thin air quality sensor provides comprehensive information (temperature, humidity, ...
€ 58.00
Aqara - Сензор за наводнение
Aqara-Flood sensor can be placed anywhere according to your needs, it is designed to work indoors without ...
€ 16.60
NEO Coolcam - Сензор за наводнение Z-Wave Plus
The Neo Coolcam flood sensor signals leaks and flooding. It will inform you with a sound and light signal and/or a ...
€ 35.60
Wi-Fi Спирателен кран за вода/газ
The wireless Wi-Fi Water/Gas Shut-Off Valve gives you control over the water supply/gas supply of your apartment, ...
€ 42.00
Детектор за дим с вградена сирена PoPP
Popp's Z-Wave + compatible smoke detector reliably detects indoor fires, protecting you and your family. In ...
€ 60.00
Fibaro Flood Sensor - сензор против наводнение
The Fibaro Flood Sensor warns you in the event of a flood threat or a sudden rise or fall in temperature. It can be ...
€ 63.00
NEO Coolcam - WiFi Сензор за наводнение
The NEO Coolcam NAS-WS02W wireless WiFi flood sensor helps protect your home from annoying leaks and dangerous ...
€ 21.30
NEO Coolcam - WiFi Сензор за дим/пожар
NEO Coolcam's Wi-Fi Smoke sensor NAS-SD01W protects you and your property in the event of fire and smoke. The ...
€ 26.60
MCO Home - Стенен сензор за измерване на качеството на въздуха PM2.5
MCOHome PM2.5 Monitor is an air quality detector which compatible with Z-Wave Plus technology, it is mainly used to ...
€ 166.00
GR Smart Home задвижка за спирателен кран
The GR Smart Home Auto Valve uses Z-Wave+ technology and is compatible with all Z-Wave networks. It can work as a ...
€ 70.00

Flood, fire, CO, CO2

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