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Eurotronic сензор за качество на въздуха Z-Wave Plus (VOC сензор)
The Eurotronic VOC Sensor ultra-thin air quality sensor provides comprehensive information (temperature, humidity, ...
€ 58.00
HiMirror - Стойка за Smart Mirror Plus
The HiMirror Plus+ stand is light, easy to install and convenient to store. With it you can remove your mirror ...
€ 24.00
HiMirror - Smart Body Scale
HiMirror Smart Body Scale is a smart scale, an accessory to your HiMirror Plus + mirror. The scales measure body ...
€ 183.00
HiMirror - Smart Mirror Plus
HiMirror Plus + is more than a mirror. It is your helper and advisor on how to improve the condition of your facial ...
€ 335.00

Health & Lifestyle

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