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Control centers and hubs

NEO Coolcam Zigbee WiFi Hub - Tuya/Smart Life
NEO Coolcam Zigbee WiFi Hub is a hub that connects various Zigbee devices, allowing you to build your smart home. ...
€ 23.00
NEO Coolcam Zigbee LAN Controller - Tuya/Smart Life
NEO Coolcam Zigbee LAN Hub is a hub that connects various Zigbee devices, allowing you to build your smart home. ...
€ 31.00
Shelly Button
The Shelly Button is a sophisticated Shelly 1 or Shelly 1PM WiFi module housing with a large, visible button. ...
€ 5.90
Aqara Homekit Hub G2H - Zigbee Камера
The Aqara Homekit Hub G2H version is a home camera with intelligent home hub features for enhanced security and ...
€ 63.00
Fibaro - Home Center 3 Lite
FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite - The smart home starts here! Start your adventure in the world of smart homes with the ...
€ 139.00
XIAOMI AQARA - Контролер M2 Zigbee 3.0
AQARA - Hub M2 is a Hub that supports Zigbee 3.0 and can manage up to 128 connected devices, WiFi 2.4 GHz, LAN ...
€ 48.60
Homey Pro
Homey combines all your wireless and smart devices at home in a single, easy to use and smart/intelligent system. ...
€ 332.30
Aeotec SmartThings Smart Home HUB (V3)
The Aeotec SmartThings Hub is the central link of your Smart Home. It allows you to connect wirelessly to a wide ...
€ 109.90
Samsung SmartThings Hub2
Samsung SmartThings Hub2 allows you to connect all your various smart locks, lights, sockets, thermostats ect.So ...
€ 85.20
Fibaro Home Center 3
Fibaro Home Center 3 is the new advanced hub. The device allows the integration of more than 2000 home automation ...
€ 569.00
Vera Edge
Vera Edge is a fully functional Z-Wave compatible internet gateway that allows users to manage a Z-Wave network, ...
€ 115.00
Zigbee WiFi Контролер
Zigbee WiFi gateway is the hub for your Zigbee based home automation network. This hub is compatible with Zigbee ...
€ 20.50
Out of stock
Zigbee LAN Контролер
Zigbee LAN Gateway is a hub, which connects different Zigbee devices, which allows you to build your own smart ...
€ 31.00
Out of stock

Control centers and hubs

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