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About Us

Domotika is your assistant in building a smart, cozy home in which the automated operation of appliances, devices and systems makes your daily life easier, convenient and safe.

Everything for home automation in one place

We know that home automation is not a privilege, byt a convenience available to every household, where comfort and energy saving are a priority.

The purpose of our site is to be a source of information on everything related to home automation equipment - from detailed product descriptions, specifications and interoperability data of each device offered to a glossary of commonly used terms and a blog with articles about already implemented projects and product reviews tested by us.

In the e-shop of Domotika you will find a full range of devices and systems for automatic and remote control, from which to choose the most suitable for your household. All products we offer have been personally tested by us for interoperability and setup features.

What can we do for you ?

United around our experience and interests in the field of automation and programming, at Domotika we follow our desire to apply our knowledge in the design and implementation of home automation projects. We will be happy to help you choose products from our store, as well as:

  • to design and integrate home automation systems that fir the needs of your household
  • to advise you on a complete or partial solution, which you can then upgrade as easily as possible
  • to advise you on the most suitable device
  • to offer you the most effective solution for specific and non-standard projects

Domotika & Z-Wave

The main part of the products that Domotika offers are based on Z-Wave technology.

All Z-Wave devices interact reliably without interference and consume minimal energy. The Z-Wave Alliance, founded in 2005, maintains interoperability between the various devices developed on the basis of the Z-Wave Protocol. Since 2015 Domotika has been among the members of the alliance, which unites more than 250 companies in the field of home automation.

There are currently nearly 1000 different Z-Wave products, each fully compatible with the rest, allowing you to gradually build a network of connected devices in your home. In the online store of Domotika you can find nearly 200 of these devices, each of which has been personally tested by us.

Contact Us

You can find us in our office in Plovdiv(Bulgaria) ot 27 Maritsa Blvd., ent. E (from Timok Street) office 5, write to us on social networks (Facebook & Google+), by e-mail or call us at tel. +359 877 550 450 on weekdays from 9am to 5pm EET( Eastern European Time).

Contact us to advise you on choosing the right equipment, designing and building networks of connected devices, or to help you if you have any questions related to home automation.

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