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Home automation application

Home automation applications are numerous and fully adjusted to the needs of each household. You can use the networks of connected devices that allow you to control the appliances in your home automatically and/ or remotely not only at home, but also in villas, garages, houses and any premises to which you want to have remote access.

Examples of some everyday home automation applications are the automatic shutdown and start-up of air conditioners in your home, the automatic shutdown of all desired appliances and lighting when locking the front door, automatic disabling of certain rooms, automatic blocking of appliances when registered emergency alarm in case of forgotten open windows or doors.

What else can you do in an automated home ?

Automatic activation of all systems under pre-set conditions

Home automation equipment allows you to set the lighting in your home when movement is detected or the air conditioner to stop when a door or window is opened.

Automatic shut-off and start-up of appliances can also help you set certain devices or systems to stop working when there are no people in the house. You could also automate the shutdown of the entire electrical installation when an alarm is detected.

Automatic regulation of energy consumption

One of the great advantages of home automation is energy saving. With the help of a control centre and properly set settings and preferences, you can achieve high levels of energy efficiency. By monitoring energy consumption, you know which appliances and systems consume the most and optimize and automate their work accordingly.

Automated receiving notifications and activation of alarms

Various sensors for leaks, floods, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and other environmental indicators detect the accident at the very beginning and allow you to react in a timely manner. You can set the alarm to trigger and/ or send automatic notifications.

Monitoring and automatic/ remote adjustment of indicators

You can also use the connected devices in your home to automatically adjust the temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting in the rooms. For example, when the humidity is low, the humidifier in the room is switched on or your radiator is switched off so that it does not exceed the pre-set room temperature.

Remote/ Automatic switching On & Off of electrical appliances

Smart sockets (or power strips) allow you to activate and deactivate automatic at a certain time (on schedule) all electrical appliances and devices included in them. You can also check, turn on and off these devices, no matter where you are, through a mobile app or browser.

Real-time monitoring of your premises from anywhere

Surveillance cameras, motion sensors and sensors for opening doors and windows, in combination with automated alarm systems protect your home and provide you with complete information about its condition, which you can monitor from anywhere in real time.

The examples listed so far are among the most commonly used home automation applications, but do not exhaust the wide range of options for home automation. Every household is different and its needs for automation are specific. Therefore, if you need more information, contact us. We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable devices and networks for your specific case.

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