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What is home automation or smart home

Home automation is the implementation of devices in your home, through which appliances and systems in it are controlled automatically and/ or remotely. The basic idea behind home automation is to be able to set appliance A and appliance B (or a network of several appliances) to automatically switch on or off, reduce or amplify, under conditions you specify or when a certain type of input data is registered(low humidity, movement in the room, etc).

Smart home environment

In the automated home, appliances and devices take care of how and when to work. For example, the toaster in the kitchen starts baking slices every day at 7 o'clock, the coffee machine turns on when there is a detected movement in the kitchen, and the humidifier starts working as soon as it registers a certain level of humidity in the rooms.

If practice, home automation is your wireless butler that makes you daily life more comfortable, brings comfort to your home and at the same time saves energy. He never forgets to turn off the lights after you when someone come in to bathe, activates the bathroom fan, raises the blinds and quietly turns on the radio in the morning while you wake up, and at night stops all appliances you do not use to save energy.

What does home automation involve ?

As a system of appliances and devices that communicate with each other to improve the comfort, efficiency and safety if your home, the automated home includes various intelligent devices (actuators, adapters, transmitters, repeaters, sockets, sensors for- humidity, temperature, air quality, traffic, lighting. and/or controllers- ordinary controllers , control centres). The listed equipment replaces or complements your current devices without the need for additional repairs in most cases.

Home automation systems can be quite simple: for example, sensors placed on your windows that send a signal when opened to lift your external blinds. An automated home can also consist of a much more complex network of installations and devices. Such a network may include a control centre that allows you to automate turning off the heating at a specific time, turning on lights and turning on appliances when you get home, notifying by email and giving a live video signal when there is traffic in your home, and etc.

How much does home automation cost ?

The cost of automating your home depends on the extent of complexity of your desired network of sensors, devices and controllers.

Expect soon the electronic assistant of Domotika, with which you will be able to calculate the approximate cost of the project you want to implement.

If you want to learn more about home automation or are interested in home automation solutions tailored to the individual need of your household, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also browse the sections applications и benefits, where you will find specific examples of how home automation makes your daily life easier..

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