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Qubino Smart Plug 16A
Qubino Smart Plug 16A is ideal for remote control of electrical devices and measurement of energy consumption. With ...
€ 62.95
Qubino - модул за температурен сензор
The length of 1 meter allows it to be far enough away from the module so as not to affect the temperature ...
€ 12.50
Qubino - димер за монтаж на DIN шина
Qubino DIN Dimmer is a Z-Wave module for dimming lighting or fan speed control. The module can be controlled either ...
€ 58.30
Qubino - 32A Contactor for Smart Meter
On/Off control in combination with Qubino Smart Meter Energy DIN-Module. It can be used anywhere, including in ...
€ 25.00
Qubino - бистабилен ключ за смарт метър
The Qubino bistable switch with infrared (IR) communication is a special version for use in intelligent buildings ...
€ 65.80
Qubino - Smart meter монофазен електромер
Qubino Smart Meter ZMNHTD1 Plus is designed to be used for energy measurements in a single-phase electrical network ...
€ 94.50
Qubino - модул за щори (постоянно токов)
This module is used to control the 12-24VDC motor of blinds, rollers, awnings, windows, etc. The module can be ...
€ 58.00
Qubino - микро единичен ключ (сух контакт)
Qubino Flush 1D Relay Plus is Z-Wave key with dry contact and is able to control lamps and appliances up to 10A. It ...
€ 56.00
Qubino - модул единично реле
Qubino Flush 1 Relay is a single-channel Z-Wave switch that is capable of switching one circuit and a maximum ...
€ 56.00
Qubino - модул димер 0-10V
Qubino Flush dimmer 0-10V is a universal dimmer with a standard 0-10V output signal and multifunction input, which ...
€ 59.90
Qubino - модул двойно реле
The Qubino dual relay is a two-channel Z-Wave switch that allows you to control up to two independent devices or ...
€ 56.00
Qubino - Z-Wave+ Flush Heat & Cool термостат
Z-Wave Flush heat & cool thermostat allows you to control the heating or cooling of your air conditioning ...
€ 56.70
Qubino - Smart meter трифазен електромер
Qubino Smart Meter ZMNHXD1 is designed to be used for energy measurements in a three-phase electrical network and ...
€ 160.00
Qubino - RGBW димер
The Qubino RGBW Dimmer is designed to control your RGB / RGBW LED strips or bulbs to create countless color options ...
€ 56.00
Qubino - димер за осветление
This Z-Wave module is used to dim the bulb or to control the fan speed. The module can be controlled either via the ...
Out of stock
Qubino - модул ШИМ (PWM) термостат
Z-Wave Plus Qubino Flush PWM thermostat to control underfloor heating or radiators. Features: Linear valve - stable ...
€ 56.70
Out of stock


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